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360 Degree Feedback

360 degreeThe 360 degree process is a form of performance management or performance appraisal. 360 degree feedback is received by an individual about their behaviours in relation to the competencies required for their role.  The feedback comes from all those who work around them - thus the term 360 degree.  These people could include peers, subordinates, internal customers, external customers, business partners and managers.  This data is then compared with the individual’s self assessment to highlight any similarities or differences of opinion. 




The benefits of 360 degree feedback
By comparing an individual’s perception of their competence with the perceptions of others the benefits are three-fold:

Benefits to the Individual

  • Personal development requirements are highlighted
  • Strengths are identified
  • Feedback assists with individual learning especially around style and impact
  • Feedback helps individuals with their career management

Benefits to the Team

  • Involves all team members in the development process
  • Increases communication between team members
  • Increases overall team effectiveness

Benefits to the Organisation

  • Increases employee engagement as employees can see development investment and improvements being made through the process
  • Improves the customer experience – as they have a say in development requirements
  • Determines training and development requirements
  • Information can help the organisation retain and develop the right talent which in turn enables the organisation to develop and grow.

What to do next? 

If you are interested in finding out more about 360 degree processes then please contact us.



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