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Freshwater Consulting is a psychology based consultancy. As Chartered Occupational Psychologists we can help identify and realise the full potential of people and create effective organisations.  

(choose an Occupational / Business Psychologist)?

We are often asked what Business Psychologists/Occupational Psychologists* do and what is more, why it is that you would consult an Occupational / Business Psychologist, over say, a Management Consultant, Personnel or HR Specialist, Organisational, Executive or Life Coach, Careers Counsellor or Training and Development Adviser. The answers to both of these questions are detailed below:

  • We offer more than psychometric tests

All the professionals mentioned above have particular expertise and may have access to some of the same tools and techniques as a Business Psychologist (particularly in the administration and interpretation of psychological tests and questionnaires). However, Psychologists are not only able to use these tests and questionnaires but, if necessary, we are able to develop scientifically and rigorously based new tools if there is nothing suitable 'off-the-shelf'. Not only do we know what to measure, we also know how to measure it and have the statistical knowledge to ensure it is valid and reliable.

  • We know how to thoroughly diagnose.

Other professionals are sometimes only concerned with part of the picture.  Business Psychologists have a greater breadth and depth of knowledge and techniques that allows us to know which questions to ask and then which solutions to apply. We take time to identify the true issue or problem (which is not always apparent in the initial stages). We also apply our broad behavioral knowledge to the problem - in particular how individuals perform, and how people can perform better; how people operate in teams, and how to stop team derailment; and how teams or groups fit into the organisational structure and culture.  

For example, if an organisation needed to enhance its performance, Freshwater Consulting could offer a range of solutions including Development Centres, a range of assessment tools (e.g psychometrics or 360 degree feedback) and coaching (including Cognitive Behavioural Coaching). It is this breadth which differentiates us from other professionals and specialisms. Our knowledge enables us to provide bespoke solutions tailored specifically to your needs which integrate information in a more informed and strategic manner.

  • Our work informs HR and people management.

The research base that makes business psychology unique also informs much of the thinking in people management and HR generally. When using a Business Psychologist you are dealing with someone who really understands what underpins people and performance issues which is probably the biggest differentiator between other professionals.

* From a professional point of view, Business Psychologists are usually members of the British Psychological Society (BPS), and are Chartered Psychologists and are Registered as Occupational Psychologists with the HPC. The credentials of an individual psychologist can be checked by visiting the BPS and HPC websites.

“Occupational psychologists are the best qualified group to advise on human resource strategies and solutions. They are the only professional group to have a minimum of six years degree and postgraduate training specifically on how people behave individually and in organisations….Chartered Occupational Psychologists have the knowledge and skills to help organisations determine and implement the successful human resources strategies which will give them a competitive edge”. Division of Occupational Psychology BPS website.

How (we work with you)

As Chartered Occupational Psychologists we can identify and realise the full potential of people to create effective organisations. We achieve this by offering you straightforward and pragmatic solutions to your problems. In a nutshell we:

  • help organisations to Select, Retain and Develop talent in order to enable growth.
  • Help individuals identify development areas and assist them on their development journey.

We achieve this by:

  • collaborating with you in an open, transparent and authentic way;
  • taking time to diagnose the underlying problem;
  • taking time to identify your goals;
  • providing you with longer lasting, tailored solutions which reach the heart of the problem;
  • helping you to meet or exceed your goals which enhance your performance;
  • enabling profound behavioural change;
  • encouraging you to take ownership of your project, by developing and equipping you with the appropriate knowledge and skills so you can drive your own development;
  • adopting a personal approach - every project is led and managed by the individual you first meet;
  • applying the highest ethical standards possible, typically striving to exceed the codes of practice as laid down by the British Psychological Society; or
  • working towards our own continuous professional and personal development;

Freshwater Consulting was established in November 2006 by Samantha Scott a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society and Registered Occupational Psychologist with the HPC.  She believed that she could use her down-to-earth and approachable style along with her passion for development, to offer tailored solutions to organisations and individuals to help them achieve success.

About Samantha Scott

Samantha ScottExperience

Samantha has extensive experience in selecting, retaining and developing talent including the design, delivery and management of leadership assessment and development centres, leadership development coaching, psychometric feedback as well as designing surveys. She has helped individuals identify areas for development and assisted them on their development journey through the provision of personal and career related coaching and advice.
She recently led a team of nine psychologists to deliver over 60 Development Centres for 500 managers up to Board level within the HR function of a FTSE 100 company  Before this, Samantha worked for a leading UK business school where she advised MBA students on career related matters including selection and assessment procedures and coaching / counselling. Prior to this, she worked for a consultancy where she was involved in a large selection validation project as well as psychometric instrument research and development. Samantha’s earlier career was in marketing / overseas conference organisation whilst in the Armed Forces and prior to this she was a litigation lawyer.


Samantha has a First Class Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Politics and a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology. She is a graduate of Cranfield University where she obtained her MSc in Applied Psychology (Occupational). She has completed training in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and is a full founder member of the Special Group in Coaching Psychology and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

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