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Assessment Centres

“Assessment centres have been found to be the superior method of predicting performance and management potential1"

Assessment Centres are a method of reliably and fairly selecting talent, which is achieved by:

  • group assessmentusing objective and standardised processes with all candidates, leading to a fairer selection process;
  • assessing performance using different methodologies and assessors thus avoiding assessor bias and allowing candidates to give a more ‘rounded’ impression of their skills and abilities;
  • assessing candidates against clearly defined job-related competencies;
  • Using appropriate simulations, work samples and other tools that are tailored to meet the demands of the role.

Assessment Centres can be run for large or small groups of applicants. 

1 See Schmitt, N.  Godding R.Z., Noe R. A. And Kirsch, M. (1984) Meta-analyses of validity studies published between 1964 and 1982 and the investigation of study characteristics.  Personnel Psychology. Vol 37 and Gaugler B.B et al. (1987) Meta-analysis of assessment center validity.  Journal of Applied Psychology. Vol. 72, No. 3.



What are the benefits of Freshwater Consulting running your assessment centres?

  • We can save an organisation time and money in selecting the right candidate.
  • Assessment Centres use a more rigorous approach to selection than traditional selection methods (i.e. interviewing alone) and so we minimise the risk of claims of unfair bias.
  • We minimise the likelihood and expense of selecting the wrong candidate based on interviews only where limited verbal accounts of skills and abilities are provided.
  • We can assess samples of the type of work which the candidate will be doing in the role.
  • We can help you to differentiate between a group of similar candidates e.g. graduates.

What to do next? 

If you are interested in finding out about assessment centres then please contact us.



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