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Career Coaching / Development

career developmentWe offer a tailored service assisting you with all aspects of obtaining the right employment.  This includes:

  • Career identification
  • CV writing
  • Job application
  • Interview coaching
  • Assessment preparation
  • Career progression
  • Personal statement coaching (for job applications or UCAS)

Who should use our service?

Anyone and everyone in the job market or looking to join the job market, especially those looking for changes in their career in the imminent future.  We can assist people who:

  • feel that they are in the wrong job and need help deciding on a career that would be more enjoyable and rewarding;
  • are looking for a career change, perhaps after a career break or military service;
  • are experiencing problems at work that need to be resolved in order to enjoy working life again;
  • are facing redundancy and need help evaluating career options, applying for jobs and improving interview techniques;
  • feel ‘out of touch’ with or despondent about the job market as they have not applied for jobs in a long time and need help with their CV;
  • are seeking promotion or career development in order to reach personal goals;
  • need a good work/life balance and require help in finding ways of attaining this balance;
  • are starting out on a career after completing full-time education;
  • would feel more confident if they had advice and experience of an interview, psychometrics or assessment centres;
  • need help formulating an outstanding UCAS personal statement.



What are the benefits of using Freshwater Consulting for Career Coaching or Career Development?

  • We can equip you with the skills and confidence to be successful in both job applications and future career development choices thus saving you tremendous amounts of time, effort and disappointment.
  • We do not just write your CV, we show you how to write it so you can use these techniques for future roles.
  • We offer an individually tailored service that is focused on your specific requirements and our services lead to success.
  • We hold British Psychological Society qualifications in the administration and feedback of psychometric tests and have knowledge and expertise in this area.
  • As Chartered Psychologists we work to the Ethics and Code of Conduct of the British Psychological Society. Your confidentiality is respected at all times.
  • We provide a free no obligation Personal Career Evaluation to determine the best approach for you.
  • We have helped an extensive range of people decide on their new career direction, formulate a career plan and successfully realise their plan / ambitions.
  • We have coached numerous people on critical job hunting skills including interviewing, psychometric testing, writing cover letters and assessment centres to enhance employability with a positive success rate.

What to do next? 

If you are interested in finding out more about Career Coaching or Career Development then please contact us.

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